Blood Pours Out

The Horde wasn’t the only band working this weekend. Death to Giants also released their first full-length album at Yuyintang on Saturday. It’s called Blood Pours Out. Cause they’re bad-ass.

Death to Giants is a drum and bass (make that bass ‘n drum) outfit. But not like, drum/n/bass. Like, a bass guitar and some drums. Nichols on bass and Ivan on drums and both of them on “vocals.” Those of you not in China are missing out because this band absolutely burns it up on stage. They’re basically pulsing electricity when they’re up there. Their sound is really hard but they are so incredibly entertaining and funny. I mean, they’re trying to be funny, obviously, but they’re also really good, clever musicians so it never crosses the line into schtick. It’s legitimate music…that is sometimes hysterical. I think the video for the song “Uggghh!” should pretty much explain it:

I can’t explain them. Listen to them on BandCamp and you’ll understand. Better yet, see them live if you’re lucky enough to be here. Their album’s available on BandCamp and they’ve got a free version you can totes download but also a premium edition for $6. Comes with some extra stuff too and cool art done by Ivan (who is also part of the Twin Horizon t-shirt company that does super cool graphic t-shirts for Shanghai bands. What? The Shanghai music scene is weirdly incestuous, you say? No!). Anyway, the album is really well-mastered and sounds fab. Check it out.

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  1. Ivan from DTG here – thanks so much for all the nice things you said 🙂


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