About Smack Madness

We started as a fanzine called LivingLovingMaid, devoted to all things Zepp, in Shanghai, China. Now we’re Smack Madness, devoted to live music of all kinds out of Austin, TX.

We still totally write about Led Zeppelin all the time.

Do you have a band in Austin or will be playing in the Austin area soon? Let us know! We can’t write about you if we don’t know who you are, dude. We’re always interested in music and will do what we can if you’ve got good stuff to put out there.

If we’ve linked to your song or page and you would rather we hadn’t, or we’ve got some information about your band wrong, or you want to update us on something, or you’ve got an awesome release coming out, or you want us to admire your MySpace page (hi, grandpa), contact us!

If you’re interested in writing or contributing to Smack Madness, fill out our Contact Form.

If you’re a photographer and we’ve used your photo without credit or permission, let us know and we’ll remedy it ASAP.


3 Comments on About Smack Madness

  1. Hi! I’m working for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and I’m trying to find bands to check out for our Canada Day event in June. I’m new to the city and don’t really have a handle on any of the local bands. I’d love to be able to pick your brain a bit if you’re available.


  2. hi, nice to meet you! Would you like to share your music feeling with more people? We plan to organize a university musical play, hope you will introduce somebody who may interest, thanks!


  3. Anonymous // May 27, 2013 at 10:37 // Reply

    Hey! I really like your blog! Your articles are intresting and well written, and you have a good sense of humor. Thanks for the blog and keep up the good work!


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