The Led Zeppelin runion, Part 2: President Clinton edition

Led Zeppelin

So apparently former US President Clinton can negotiate with North Korea to get hostages released, but even he can’t convince Led Zeppelin to get back together for a reunion show.

One conclusion: Robert Plant is tougher than Kim Jong-Il.

I already wrote about a possible Led Zeppelin reunion earlier this year, which is so very obviously not going to happen, I think. Robert Plant was just fucking with us. I recently read in the Daily Mail how President Clinton tried to get Zeppelin back together for a Hurricane Sandy benefit concert, which they declined. Not surprised, really, since apparently they rehearsed for ages for their reunion show in 2007, but also, Hurricane Sandy? Not that Zeppelin doesn’t care, but it’s not exactly a cause that’s close to home for them.  But come on! Clinton asked them personally. Who turns down President Clinton? Not Kim Jong-Il. But apparently Zeppelin can.

What I’m saying is that obviously there needs to be a huge British disaster to get them back together. Hahahaaaaaa, nooooo. Definitely not saying that. Just saying that if there were some British disaster we’d have a better chance as Zep fans.

Though, you know, The Rolling Stones and The Who managed to pull it out for the Sandy Benefit.

Read the article about Clinton’s diplomatic failure at The Daily Mail here.

Read the original entry about the Led Zeppelin reunion here.

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