Songs I’ve Shazammed

It’s hard to remember life before Shazam. Never again will I furiously try to jot down lyrics when I hear a song in order to Google it later or have the two-hour “What song is this? I know this song!” conversation at a bar with friends. Shazam is the single best app that makes life worth living and I Shazam the shit out of everything around me with no discretion. How cool is it that basically every song in existence can be mapped on a spectrograph by frequency, intensity and timing, and then an algorithm can be written to identify these points and tell you what song it is? Technology is straight up rad, yo.

These are songs you should listen to.

Song: "Step On Inside"

Artist: VietNam

Album: VietNam (2007)

I’m just gonna skip the commentary on the fact this band is called Vietnam and then also decided to call their second album Vietnam, making them all but un-Googleable (BANDS WHAT ARE YOU DOING STOP DOING THIS). It’s still an awesome song: a mellow, bluesy/rock slow-burner. Why the YouTube uploader decided to use a picture of Johnny Depp escapes me. Get it here.

Song: “New Lover”

Artist: Josh Ritter

Album: The Beast in its Tracks (2013)

Josh Ritter is one of the most consistently amazing singer/songwriters working today. “New Lover” is no exception. It perfectly captures those complex feelings of relief of moving on from a broken relationship, but the agony of realizing you actually haven’t moved on because no one ever really does. Get it here.

Song: “Say Hey (I Love You)”

Artist: Michael Franti & Spearhead

Album: All Rebel Rockers (2008)

This song is poppy and fluffy and sunny and whatever, man. I don’t care if it doesn’t have a deeper meaning. It makes me feel happy. Get it here.

Song: “Oh Darlin’ What Have I Done”

Artist: The White Buffalo

Album: Prepare for Black & Blue (2010)

I’d never heard The White Buffalo before they were featured on the Sons of Anarchy soundtracks, but they’re definitely worth knowing. This song is a bit darker than their more standard fare, but I find the gloomy, moody stuff more addictive.

Get it here.

Check out the whole playlist on YouTube.

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