Laters, Inferno (updated)

Inferno, Shanghai’s best (but maybe also only) metal bar is shutting down. I think it’s only been open, oh, more than a year or so. I was reading about it over on Shanghai 24/7 and apparently there’s been some issues with the neighbors being, well, not so neighborly in that area. But then again, probably not too many people want to live above a metal bar, so really, who can blame them?

Anyway, silver lining: the owner says they’re looking to relocate to an area where people don’t mind hearing heavy metal at 3 in the morning with a lot of drunk foreigners wandering around, with a possible opening of a new area in June. Hopefully it will be just as cheap and dingy. And the best part is the new place might have a stage, meaning a new live music venue in Shanghai which is always good.

The owner, Martin Aamodt, leaves these words of wisdom about running a metal bar:

“You can strategically position trash cans, but people will always vomit in the sink or urinals.” 

Well said, dude. Well said.

Inferno’s last hurrah will probably be this Friday, March 8th, so shred it while you still can.

Update 4/2/13: Shhhhh!!! Inferno totally not closed and not gonna close. Keep it on the down low, kiddos, and be super quiet when leaving the building.

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