Farewell LivingLovingMaid, Hello Smack Madness

Jimmy Page approves this name change.

Hey, have you guys noticed that Led Zeppelin hasn’t actually been a band since about 1980? Yeah, me too. So while this site started as a fanzine for all things Led Zeppelin, it’s become more encompassing over the past couple of years and we’ve been focusing on live music and performance, from both local and national artists, first in Shanghai, and now in Austin, TX.

So basically, we’re leaving LivingLovingMaid in the archives and getting on board with Smack Madness. Same great (i.e. snarky and sarcastic) content, more inclusive name.

All the usual still applies: if you’re a local band (or coming to Austin soon) with cool stuff to share, let us know by contacting us. And if you’re a writer and the sound of doing a little bit of work for absolutely no pay or reward appeals to you, hey, there’s a contact button for you too.

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