Coming to a Shanghai near you


It’s hot as balls in Shanghai right now, unbearably so, and there may or may not be stuff going on in the city; I wouldn’t know. Not a whole lot past a “featured” DJ “spinning” in a club somewhere but when it’s 38 degrees at night and the humidity is in the 90s there is no amount of clothing that I will ever be able to take off to make going into a club to dance with hundreds of other people who are touching and sweating on each other comfortable enough to be worth it.

In short: it’s hot, y’all.

But there is news on the music front, as far as big acts coming to this glorious sweaty cesspool of a city.

First up, Jamiroquai! Did you just have a flashback to middle school too? Awesome, right? Okay, so Jay Kay wears a hat and Virtual Insanity was a bitchin’ song. That’s all you need to know about them. They’ll be in Shanghai on August 6.



Metallica will be here August 13 & 14. Meh. Their shows are both sold out, apparently.

limp bizkit

Limp Bizkit

There’s the Sonic Shanghai Festival happening on August 17 & 18. On the international side, this is going to bring out Limp Bizkit. Yeah. Well, that’s something. Expect loads of quality Chinese acts though. Apparently the organizers plan to book about 60 acts for the festival, and we should expect some big names, but Bizkit is the headliner at this point. I ain’t buying tickets till I see the full lineup.

Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys

That brings us round to Pet Shop Boys. Yeah, super cool. And for me, pretty influential in my formative years, i.e. ages 10-29. Ah, who am I kidding; I still listen to Neil Tenant and Chris Low and they’re still awesome. They’ll be here August 20.



Aerosmith should be playing on August 20. I say “should” because it’s a bit sketchy as of right now. And apparently Collective Soul will be opening. Yep.

justin bieber

Justin Bieber

And what’s that, 10-year-old Shanghainese girls who read my blog?? Why yes, Santa did hear your prayers and has sent Justin Bieber to answer them. On October 5 (a day that will live in infamy) the Biebes makes his Shanghai debut and I will be there. Haha, no I won’t, though I secretly really, really want to. I would LOVE to see Justin Bieber in person. LOVE TO. I am not even kidding. But I just can’t give him money, and for some reason I think his touring reps wouldn’t give me a press pass. Maybe they think I would write something a little disparaging about him? CAUSE I TOTALLY WOULDN’T, I SWEAR.

Yasin Bey

Yasiin Bey

More appropriate to my age demographic (though FYI, Beiber’s people, I have NO problem being the oldest person at Justin’s concert without a child in tow. That’s not creepy, right?), Yasiin Bey (a.k.a. Mos Def) will be here during the JZ Festival September 20 & 21. Should be lots of good stuff during JZ, as usual. Jazz pianist Robert Glasper will be appearing as well.

the killers

The Killers

And finally, some rumors. Maybe The Killers (that would be cool) and maybe also Alicia Keys (that would be cool too). Killers possibly in early October and Keys possibly in late November, if either of them happen.

alicia keys

Alicia Keys

God, we’re spoilt for choice these days. What is Shanghai coming to? A proper stop on the Asian tour round?

Meanwhile, I continue my one-woman quest to get Neutral Milk Hotel to Shanghai in late November (my quest is mostly based on harassing Shanghai promoters and NMH’s manager). I’ve already written about it but just so they know, it would really save me a lot of cash if they came here so that I don’t have to fly to Japan and Taiwan. Have some consideration, Neutral Milk Hotel. Split Works, get on that, please.

nuetral milk hotel

Neutral Milk Hotel

4 Comments on Coming to a Shanghai near you

  1. I’ve organised an August 17th alternative to that awful SMG nightmare, just look at the YYT listings for that night, it’s at SmSh too. With Japandroids the following weekend it’ll be a great 7 days with no Limp B******* involved at all.


  2. we ARE on Neutral Milk Hotel, but it’s looking unlikely 😦

    and Japandroids? 23/24 August? That’ll be the best show of all…..


    • Crushing my dreams, one band at a time. 😦

      And Shhhh! on Japandroids. I already have my ticket and don’t want it to be too crowded so I left them off. Though I probably shouldn’t be admitting that directly to the concert organizer…


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