Shanghai’s best bands — see ’em while you can

Rainbow Danger Club

I don’t usually write about upcoming events, because I am a lazy person and don’t like to “plan” stuff or “think” about things. So it’s not that I don’t want to rep upcoming events and bands doing their thing, I just can’t be bothered and all. Because of the laziness, you see.

But I’m making an exception, because I actually know where I’m gonna be this Saturday, and if you’re in Shanghai it’s where you should be too. On June 1st, Rainbow Danger Club is releasing their second LP at Yuyintang. First up, an acoustic set by RDC (I raved and raved and raved about their stellar acoustic-ness a couple of weeks ago at 390) so hopefully it’ll be a repeat of that. Plus, an entirely new set by Duck Fight Goose (!!!), who I also rave about on a fairly regular basis. Then to finish the night, RDC will take the stage again with an electric set and special, mysterious things will happen.

The reason this show is important is not because it’s my two favorite bands on the same bill (although thanks for that, guys), but also because Rainbow Danger Club is splitting up. They’re not having a dramatic ending and it’s not because the band’s gone awry; it’s actually just like a lot of things in Shanghai: people are transient and need to move on despite doing really great stuff here. Along with Duck Fight Goose, I really do feel like RDC is the best band around Shanghai right now — creative and interesting and producing solid, innovative, quality indie-rock that doesn’t sound like everyone else. It’s going to leave a hole in the scene here once they’ve dispersed. But that’s how it is.

This will be the opportunity to see Rainbow Danger Club at their best (and, well, their last) as well as check out new stuff from Duck Fight Goose. RDC’s new album will be available for download on Saturday as well from their Bandcamp page.

RDC Souviners release flyer

Update: Rainbow Danger Club’s final final final show will be at Yuyintang on Saturday, June 22nd, in an all-day sendoff featuring, uh, like, every band in Shanghai.

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