Cool DJs are cool

I know quite a few DJs here and there, and mostly, they’re pretty cool. Some are awful, obviously, but most are cool. But the DJ does have a very special talent of looking like a complete and utter douche in any and all photograph taken of him or her. A magical power? I don’t know. But even the most upstanding, talented DJ around will come off looking like an a-hole on film.

Case-in-point: my new favorite Tumblr Posing DJs. Let’s have a look at some of these gems.

Wait, do you get it? His tracks are hot, y’all.

posing dj 2

But not this guy.

Side note: I’d love to see a literal representation of “acoustic” music.

dj spenny by Uzo Oleh

And then there’s this, just for you Shanghailanders out there! (Photo by Uzo Oleh)


Check out the full awesomeness at Posing DJs.

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