Delicious Shanghai swine water

Death to Ponies

Yeah, Shanghai’s got a dead-pigs-in-water problem. What of it? People are so picky these days about what’s floating down their rivers.

Anyway, it’s produced at least one awesome EP title, so…totally worth it.

I’ve been listening the last couple of days to Death To Ponies‘ new EP Swine Water. Other than the fact that I love ponies and wish death upon none of them, I really like what the group is doing and this EP as a whole.

But first, Death to Ponies is a collaboration between two Shanghai mainstays who have been performing together about a year. First: death-metal pop duo Death to Giants (Dennis Ming Nichols and Ivan Belcic). I rave about them and their live shows all the time. If you’re in Shanghai, see these guys. Seriously.

Second: Acid Pony Club (Laura Ingalls and Clement Pony). Acid Pony Club has been around Shanghai for a few years now — they’re more or less stalwarts of the DJ scene and do stellar electronic sets regularly, and in the last couple of years have gotten into producing, mixing and mastering albums for other bands in the area.

Their project together is totally different from what they both do independently. I would call their combined sound psychedelic electronic metal. And stuff. Imagine a long form, slightly improvised sort of structure of post-metal, post-rock drone (but the good kind of drone, not the ‘murica kind, lolz), minimal vocals, heavy sounds. Or don’t imagine, and just listen below.

Their EP is out on Metal Postcard Records, a Hong Kong label. Check it out on Bandcamp. I foresee an epic album release later this year.

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  1. hey sean from metal postcard here – hit up mp on facebook with your addy and when it comes in i’ll send you a physical cop[y – also my newsletter is full of useful crap if you wanna send email addy as well sean


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