Cool shows I’m not gonna see

Li Dong Band

Sometimes I just have to get the hell out of Shanghai for a while. Because…Shanghai. Come on, man. Shanghai! And then even though it’s awesome when I’m not in Shanghai sometimes I still get a little homesick and I think, “I wonder what’s happening in Shanghai? Cool things are probably happening in Shanghai right now. There are probably cool people doing cool things in Shanghai RIGHT NOW.” And it’s true. Cool stuff is happening in Shanghai even when I’m not there to see it. Go figure.

LiDong is a super cool folk band, very earthy with a touch of rock. I’ve seen them before on one of their other China tours and they’re ace. Don’t be afraid of the folk music, dude. It’s the music of the people! What could be more Chinese than that?

Oct 25 @ 21.00 @ Yuyintang, 60rmb

Peter PiekPeter Piek

This German’s a painter, writer, performance artist and musician which could mean a show that’s either amazing or awful. Either way, worth the ticket. This is Peter Piek‘s second Chinese tour, so he’s obviously got something we like here. Expect, er…indie stuff? Who knows. I may actually have time to sneak into this one because he sounds almost too interesting to pass up. I bet he makes bitchin’ music videos, too.

Oct 27 @ 21.00 @ Yuyintang, 50rmb

Witch HatsWitch Hats

Witch Hats are an alternative rock/punk band out of Melbourne with super cool hair who play really loudly. What else is there in life?

Nov 1 @ 21.30 @ 390 Panyu lu, 60rmb

Math Rock ConventionShanghai Math Rock Convention

Is math rock a thing now? Is that what minimal lyrics and strange time signatures do to band? Whatever, I don’t care. All I know is it’s got three awesome Shanghai bands on the bill: X is Y, Duck Fight Goose and Death to Giants. PS: People, you should go out to see Death to Giants now. Like, right now. You’re gonna regret it if you keep putting it off.

Nov 2 @ 21.30ish @ On Stage, 40rmb


Soilwork‘s a Swedish melodic death metal band. “Swedish death metal” is redundant, right? I mean, you’re SWEDISH. Of course you’re death metal. What is going on up there in those countries?

Nov 9 @ eh, probably like 20.30ish @ MAO Livehouse, 300rmb (300rmb! Fucking hell, dude.)

Streets Kill Strange AnimalsStreets Kill Strange Animals 7” Release

Who has a record player in China? No one! But everyone loves a 7-incher. I saw experimental rock/noise band Streets Kill Strange Animals last year during their album tour, and it was pretty good, so I can only imagine they’ve gotten better. Plus, they’re supported by two of Shanghai’s finest: Duck Fight Goose and X is Y.

Nov 10 @ 21.00 @ Yuyintang, 50rmb

Mac DeMarco (photo by Bobby Doherty)Mac DeMarco (photo by Bobby Doherty)

I’m gutted I’m missing Mac DeMarco because he’s got a couple of fairly good albums under his belt and the people at Pitchfork think he’s the bee’s knees. He makes funky rock n’ roll type stuff. Also, if you ever want to meet every Canadian in Shanghai all you have to do is come to a show of another Canadian. They’re just like Americans except nicer and in slightly better health. Also, they won’t shoot you unless they’re really, really mad so you’re safe, because as we all know, Canadians never get mad. Support from new Shanghai band Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Nov 30 @ 21.00 @ Yuyintang, 80rmb


I’ve never seen these guys but I’m super into Chinese folk right now. Seriously, it’s amazing. Ajinai hails from Mongolia and it’s part of the Guinness More Music series which means the quality is going to be pretty good and you also get a lovely beer with the ticket. Winner either way.

Dec 6 @ 20.30 @ Yuyintang, 60rmb

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  1. I was looking though info on Ajinai and came across your post. Just wanted to let you know that you have mixed up two bands…you write Ajinai but have put a picture of the band Hanggai…


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