Questionable Music Tattoos

Music tattoos aren’t always terrible. I mean, usually they are, but sometimes there are tattoos that for certain reasons — maybe their subject matter, their composition, their art — aren’t terrible, but they also aren’t good. They’re just…questionable.

Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke

I am the ultimate Thom Yorke fan (well, there’s maybe 1 person ahead of me), but this tattoo is just…unsettling. But also kind of awesome? But mostly unsettling.

Hail to the Theif Radiohead

Speaking of Radiohead: I’d like to think this is Photoshopped, but I also like to think that there is a hipster out there who thought it would be ironic to get one of Radiohead’s album titles tattooed on him, misspelled.

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent

Technically, it’s not bad. And, I mean, if I were going to get a Ted Nugent tattoo, I’d go with “Crazy Eyes” Nugent because why not?

Black Sabbath (Is that Slash?? I think it’s Slash)

Slash Black Sabbath

No, that’s not Slash. But how amazing would it be if Slash had a Black Sabbath tattoo misspelled on his arm but still rocked the sleeveless shirts because who gives a fuck? He’s Slash. (That’s not Slash).



Hey, do you think her favorite band is Placebo? I bet it’s Placebo. We should probably ask her.

Papa Roach

Papa Roach

In composition, this is a nice tattoo. She got the signatures and she got the band logo and it all looks good. But it’s PAPA ROACH. And it’s THERE FOREVER.

Justin Bieber

Justin Beiber

Maybe the nicest Justin Bieber tatttoo I’ve seen. Also, I vomited a little in my mouth as soon as I typed “nicest Justin Bieber tattoo”.

Thriller Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

It’s indisputably awesome. It’s also one of the subtler Thriller tattoos out there.

Miley Cyrus’ stalker

Miley Cyrus' stalker

These are good tattoos. If only they weren’t on some middle-aged weirdo. Just kidding. They are terrible tattoos.

The Spice Girls

Spice Girls 1

Damn. This is commitment. This is a good tattoo. But…it’s the Spice Girls.

Spice Girls 3

It makes a statement. Just the wrong one.

Spice Girls 4

But this one’s just awesome. Right next to Pikachu? It’s like the 90s epitomized.

Jimi Hendrix (or Bob Marley?)

Jimi Hendrix or Bob Marley

Maybe it’s meant to be ironic, like in a “All black people look the same, haha” kind of way. Or maybe he’s a big fan of both and just didn’t have room for two. Or maybe he’s dumb. Yeah, he’s probably dumb.


Korn tramp stamp

It’s a perfectly fine tattoo. Just a Korn tramp stamp on a chubby guy, is all. Nothing to see here.

Dragon James Brown

James Brown

James BrownA bold choice. Good but slightly insane, mostly from the weird framing of the nipples. Also, James Brown is green. So there’s that.

Ian Watkins

Ian Watkins Tattoo

So, technically, this is a really good tattoo. Look at that face! What makes it questionable is that this is Ian Watkins’ mugshot. You know, when he got arrested for like 20 sexual assault charges again a child. And then pleaded guilty to pedophilia. He’s in prison right now. And the “Mega Lolz” is apparently what he told someone from jail when they asked about his attempted rape of a 1 year old boy. So….yeaaaaahhhh. Wow.

Ian Watkins Pedo

See? Good tattoo. Terrible, terrible subject.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan after the fire that charred his face. 😦

Green Day

Green Day ticket

It’s not even a good seat! WTF?

Dee Dee Ramone

Dee Dee Ramone

I love so much about this tattoo: the starkness, the bold stance, the awkward lettering, the Peter Pan haircut. If only the artist had given Dee Dee a nose.


Nickelback Arm

“Why, this is a perfectly good tattoo,” you think. “Why on the questionable tattoo list?” BECAUSE IT’S NICKELBACK, YOU FOOL. But it is deceivingly good, I’ll give you that. Just like this one.

Nickelback Chad Kroeger

That is a good tattoo. BUT IT’S CHAD KROEGER.

Nickelback 3

This is what Nickelback tattoos should look like. And this woman is also my Halloween costume this year and FOREVER.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

If this is Gwen Stefani, it’s pretty good. If this is David Bowie, it’s AMAZING.

Adam Duritz

Adam Duritz

Haha. Well, okay. There’s actually a surprising number of people with mid-level music stars on them.

Clay Aiken

Like Clay Aiken.

Avril Lavigne

And Avril Lavigne. With pink eye.

Fred Durst

And Fred Durst.


And purple Bjork.

Concert Guy

Concert List

Holy shit, guys, this dude has been to 10 shows in 14 years. How can anyone keep up? And apparently he’s a big enough fan of Gwen Stefani to see her twice, but not a big enough fan to Google her name before getting it inked on him twice.

Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys

Yeah. Also, “Back Street” should be one word. Even *I* know that.

Make Up Your Mind

Ratt, Motley Crue, Cinderella, Poison

I list the list format, I like the colors, I like the different band logos. Also, I’m kind of a fan of anyone who’s not afraid to tell the world in tattoo form that he has TERRIBLE taste in music.

Every Band Ever

Kinda like this guy. Sometimes I like to stare at this picture in quiet times and wonder “Which band came first? Was it that terrible guitarist in the middle? Did it happen all at once?”

We may never know.

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