Hey, It’s Shakey Graves Day

Shakey Graves Shakey Graves

Today is Shakey Graves Day.

Shakey Graves (a “gentleman from Texas”) is a local musician with a national following because he is wildly talented, insufferably good-looking, and somehow still well-liked and gentlemanly. He’s that guy you WANT to hate because he’s just soooo good at everything and soooo un-smug about it. I’ve seen him play loads of times; I will see him play loads of times more. I love him.

And every year (I believe this is the second year running), from February 9-th-11th, he changes all of his albums to “Name Your Price” on Bandcamp. New stuff, old stuff, live stuff, EPs, LPs, All Ps — everything is there for the taking at whatever price you deem reasonable. On top of that, he’s donating $.50 from every sale to a good cause. So yeah, even if you pay $1 for the entire catalog, $.50 is going to a good cause (but maybe don’t be that cheap).

On top top of that, his next show is the NEIL FEST: Celebrating The Music Of Neil Young, which is a benefit for the Refuge Foundation For The Arts, on February 18th at the Paramount.

Check out the dogooder’s BandCamp page to get all the Name Your Price goodness you can download.

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