Our culture loves music. Too bad our economy doesn’t value it.

In today’s Washington Post there’s an important article by composer and producer T Bone Burnett. In it, he discusses the cultural, emotional and economic role music plays in our lives, but how the people who create it aren’t getting paid, which means, of course, one of these days people are going to stop creating it.

“In the digital marketplace, everyone seems to have found a way to make a living off of music except the creators who actually record the songs. Websites put up illegal copies of music — or turn a blind eye while others do — then sell ads micro-targeted at everyone who comes to listen. Eventually, a site may be forced to pull down the unlicensed (and for the artists and labels, completely unpaid) copy, but in the meantime, its owners have cashed in.”

Also, streaming is killing music and we’ve got to do something about that.

Check it out at Our culture loves music. Too bad our economy doesn’t value it.

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