Duck Fight Goose, Boys Climbing Ropes, This is Not the End

This is not the end.

The title to the post actually sounds like a really awesome day out at the park somewhere, like, “I saw a duck fight a goose! Then some boys climbing ropes! And a kid got eaten by a dog! This is not the end!”

But if you’re around Shanghai you know that it’s really some pretty cool Shanghai bands. This Saturday Yuyintang has a show on called “This is Not the End” that’s gonna be cool but bittersweet, because it’s for Brad Ferguson, who’s really a man-about-town when it comes to the Shanghai music scene. He’s helped a lot of local bands get on their way as well as managed some pretty good venues here in town. Alas, he’s heading back to America, but even worse is that he’s taking Damen from Duck Fight Goose with him (well, they are married…so I guess she’s not really being taken so much as going willingly, but she’s still leaving my fave Shanghai band to do so, so whatever), so it’s bittersweet because it’s gonna be Duck Fight Goose’s last show with all the original members. They’re going to replace Damen obviously, and whoever it is will probably be super cool, but it’s still kinda sad because Duck Fight Goose works so well right now with her and Brad.

This is not the end.

This is not the end.

But on a cool note, Boys Climbing Ropes (well, all but one) is going to temporarily reform and perform just for the night, so that’s going to be a nice addition. Plus Battle Cattle, Stalin Gardens and S.V.R.O.

(Off-topic: I would love to link to anything by S.V.R.O. but you try Googling that. Let that be a lesson to you when naming and branding your band, kids.)

So it’s seems like it’s going to be a good show that makes people remember some pretty good times. It’s also a nice way to sort of pay tribute to a guy who showed up in Shanghai when the music scene was really not happening and the huge contribution he’s made to it.

Mostly I’m just really, really sad about Duck Fight Goose, though.

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