Review: Jeff Lang

Jeff Lang

Australian musician Jeff Lang played last night at Yuyintang as part of the JUE Music + Art Festival.

This guy is pretty stellar. He’s a very folksy singer/songwriter type but with a lot of blues influence. An amazing musician. Plus, he plays the slide guitar like a badass. He also rocks the mandolin and banjo on occasion, but for the most part he’s an acoustic guitar/slide guitar guy. I saw him in Shanghai about two years ago and he’s been to China a few times so he must get a good reception, which is great because it’s awesome to have musicians of his quality tour here. I especially love his sound when he gets really bluesy and verges just on the edge of that twang-y country/western sound but never quite crosses over. I’m telling you people, he knows he’s doing. Has the awards to prove it.

Here’s Jeff tearing up live. Yeah, he sounds like this live.

Anyway, amazing show, amazing musician. Here’s another taste from SoundCloud:

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