Download NOW — We Are Shanghai Vol. III

Are you a Lazy Person, like me? Don’t worry, our very valid medical condition (just like Restless Legs Syndrome!) will one day be accepted and we will no longer have to be ashamed and hide from ordinary people.

In our pajamas.

Under the covers.

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

If you want to hear what Shanghai has to offer, but don’t want to make the commitment of leaving the house to listen to stuff (I get it, dude), check out the latest installment of We Are Shanghai, an annual compilation of Shanghai’s best music — all genres from Chinese, foreign and everything in between, compiled and released by a group of local musicians. This is the 3rd and biggest album yet. Some of it is amazing, some of it is average, and some of it is…interesting. But worth every single mao! A few recommendations:

I missed the release party for a number of reasons, most of them being my serious affliction as mentioned above, but the album’s pretty good. And totally free. Download now.

2 Comments on Download NOW — We Are Shanghai Vol. III

  1. and download this. It’s free!! We missed you on Friday. No more National Anthem…Levi’s gone…


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