Cough vough, my lungs are full

Just taking a lovely walk in Shanghai.

I have tons of shows to review. Tons. Temples. Delorean. Sebadoh. Okkervil River.

And of course: Neutral Milk Hotel.

But in the meantime, I’m back in Shanghai and am trying to breathe this “air” here.

So yeah, I’ve stopped breathing. That’s okay. I didn’t need to anyway.

Also, people have started paying me money for just writing about music and stuff, which is both awesome and ridiculous. But there it is.

2 Comments on Cough vough, my lungs are full

  1. Dude. I’m there.


  2. Congrats on your new part-time writing gig! Hey, Stegosaurus? have a show at YYT on Jan. 17th. It’s our last show with Levi, one of our guitarists and songwriters. He composed The National Anthem. We haven’t done it in ages and just for you, we’ll try to pull it off again. See? All that screaming at our shows works! Sometimes.


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