Splits Don’t Work

Shanghai has a fairly small musical community, and I complain about/praise it equally. Here’s a plus: easy collaborations between bands you know and love, because EVERYONE knows EVERYONE.

Shanghai bands Stegosaurus? and Pairs teamed up for a split album and each covered two songs from the other. Plus, they both threw in an original song as well, just so you get your money’s worth (which is actually no money. This album is free. So you’re probably gonna get your money’s worth no matter what).

But what I may like best is how Metal Postcard (the label) described the album in their promo:

“We recorded these songs live in a studio with no fancy machinery and it sounds fantastical.  Real lo-fi.  Like a Daniel Johnston record but less wit and worse singing.  Real sexy.  Like a hairier, smellier, Cily Myrus music video.”

Well then.

Check it out here or here.

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