Upcoming Events: BooshKaBaash 2012

One of the reasons Shanghai music is growing and (maybe someday?) thriving is because of some home-grown music festivals like BooshkaBaash. This is  multi-event, multi-venue, multi-genre mini-fest that starts this Friday, Nov 30th and goes through Saturday, Dec 8th. Features music from China and abroad.

I went to BooshkaBaash last year (every day, actually, and you can read some absolutely thrilling coverage of the entire 2011 festival Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 at Shanghai 24/7).

Here’s what’s in store this year (LINK ‘SPLOSION!):

Lions of Puxi

Friday, November 30th – The Melting Pot – 50RMB

Banana Monkey

Saturday, December 1st – Yuyintang – 50RMB  

Hell Hounds

Thursday, December 6th – Club X (Suzhou) – 80RMB  (I’ve got no idea about this club–never been so be sure to look this one up before heading out)

Nova Heart

Friday, December 7th – On Stage – 100RMB (On Stage is another venue run by JZ, but I’m not totally sure if this show’s gonna be at On Stage or at JZ. Check before you go)


 Saturday, December 8th – On Stage – 100RMB

That’s a lot of links right in there. For me, I’ve got to pick and choose since I’m time limited, so I’m thinking I’ll see the Lions of Puxi, because I’ve never seen them (they don’t play too much anymore) but I’ve always liked their music. I’ve already lamented the fact that I’m missing the Fever Machine and Banana Monkey because of my JOB on Dec 1st. Probably will also go on Dec  7th because PK14 are legendary and regarded as the grandfathers of Chinese post-rock (meaning they’ve been at it about 10 years now, haha). Also, recently heard Battle Cattle and they were pretty cool, so would like to see them again. I also have a huge crush on Helen Feng of Nova Heart so I never miss a chance to see her play. At any rate, it’s a fairly reasonable lineup this year with reasonable prices (and I’m a very reasonable person) so it looks like it’s going to be a few nights of some pretty good music.
Tickets available at Smart Shanghai. And they’re  20 rmb cheaper if you buy presale. See? A very reasonable person.

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