Itchy-O at Fantastic Fest

Ichy-O at Fantastic Fest

For the past 8 days I’ve been deep into Fantastic Fest — the biggest genre film festival in the US — hosted here in Austin at the Alamo Drafthouse. Honestly, it’s been pretty awesome. There was great variety in the films (not just your standard fantasy or horror gore), and everything I saw was quality in one way or another. It’s been a great opportunity to see loads of unusual, weird, definitely not-mainstream films (I feel like I’ve seen about a million, but my schedule tells me I only saw 13) and see them in a cool environment with some cool people, too.

fantastic fest 2015

But in addition to the films at Fantastic Fest, there have been some…interesting…events as well, one of which was the marching band Itchy-O from Denver. I feel like “marching band” isn’t quite the right description. They’re a huge, 32-piece band, and they wear masks and sombreros and sequins and lights, and they’re chaotic and impeccably rhythmic at the same time, like controlled bedlam. Imagine if a union of Mexican wrestlers started a marching band. That’s Itchy-O. No matter how I describe them though, they were awesome.



I’ve been trying to find a YouTube video that suitably captures the chaos that happened in the Highball. I cannot. However, I’m posting to this one because it’s fairly representative of what Itchy-O does, but also, I like excessive use of exclamation points to show enthusiasm. I really do!!!!!!!!

Good choice, Fantastic Fest. Good choice.

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