New band or delicious snack? You be the judge.

Most likely a band. Maybe.

So I was out and about last night, minding my own business, and happened to catch a street performance by either a possible new band in Shanghai or a delicious new imported snack: the Lil Meat Pie Boys.

The jam started in a noodle shop, as all proper gigs do, but they were pretty swiftly (and rightfully) kicked out and so started to play on the street and then spent the rest of the night jamming and wandering around, playing to different crowds in the neighborhood. Just a bunch of dudes who are all already in a bunch of bands, but that name’s too good not to play under. And I can tell you, this was the most interesting thing this neighborhood had ever seen.

lil meat pie boys 061913 2

I’m not sure what’s going on with them yet. Keep an eye out at your local Yuyintang or snack shop for either version.

meat pie

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