JUE Music + Art 2013

Spring festival is FINALLY over and if I never hear another firecracker for the rest of my life I reckon that’ll be about right.

Or at least until next year.

JUE Music + Art is happening again in March and it promises to be pretty big. It’s sort of a city-wide music and art festival that happens concurrently in Shanghai and Beijing. Lots of live music, lots of genres, lots of art and art performance, lots of venues, lots of workshops, lots of things to see and hear. It’s been pretty solid in the past and has proven to be a good showcase for musicians and artists in Shanghai, other parts of China and international acts, both amateur and professional. It’s one of those things that I actually get excited about, because it makes you realize just how much talent and creativity is lurking around.

JUE is put on by Split Works (a company that has refused to hire me several times so you know they have good judgement) and is a huge undertaking when you realize just how much goes into booking and organizing a nearly month-long event in two different cities. But I’ve been checking out the listings, and it’s looking good. Pretty excited. We’ve got your Grimes. We’ve got your Amanda Mair. We’ve got your Tom Krell. Never heard of any of those people? Move aside, grandpa.

The Oh Sees (photo by Kristin Klien)

Thee Oh Sees were in Shanghai last week as a “pre-JUE” booking, which I think just means they couldn’t book them for JUE but wanted to connect them to the festival anyway. Marketing! I didn’t go, but hey, some lo-fi indie punk rock? It was like a dog whistle for every hipster in Shanghai. Still waiting back for reports.

After a quiet couple of weeks around Shanghai, things are finally starting to pick up again. JUE runs March 8-24 and promises good things.

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