How to Promote Your Indie Band — Part 3

Part 3 — Tell Me About Your Band

This one is HUGE. You’d think, “How could someone forget to tell you who they are?” but it happens ALL THE TIME. I get e-mails from musicians and bands saying, “Hey, can you write about this song?” or “Hey, do you want to interview us?” I don’t know. Do I want to interview you? I have no idea who you are! I have no idea what kind of music you make. And no, I’m not going to click on some random, unexplained link you’ve sent me as way of introduction. This is serious. I’ve gotten e-mails that have no information other than a lone hyperlink in the middle of the e-mail. I’m convinced if I click on it I will be sucked into a virus-ridden vortex never to return. Bloggers have died that way, dude. Don’t do that to us.

Here’s what your e-mail should include: introduce yourself or your band (in brief), and give me some shameless flattery about my blog. Tell me why I would like your music. Tell me who you sound like. Send me ONE link to a song or video in the text of the e-mail (not your whole album. I’m not going to listen to your whole album, dude. Not yet. Send me your best work at this point). Keep it personal, short, and entertaining. Be straightforward and honest.

If you’re e-mailing me about a specific event, GIVE ME THE DATE AND TIME and tell me why that event will be awesome. Send me a link to the event listing and the flyer as an attachment. Again, be brief. Be brief in everything. It’s a hard skill. But try.

And for heaven’s sake, attach your damn press kit. Don’t have a press kit? Tomorrow I will tell you how to make one.

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