Neutral Milk Hotel, breaking my heart one tour date at a time

Neutral Milk Hotel

Huge list of new dates/places for Neutral Milk Hotel‘s tour here. And Shanghai’s not there, because life is black and pointless and sad.  If you don’t want to look at the list, I can sum it up by saying they are stopping in EVERY CITY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD EXCEPT SHANGHAI.

Ha. No, for real though, they’re not coming to Shanghai but I guess I was looking for a valid reason to visit Japan and Taiwan anyway, right? Could be worse.

If you’ve never heard NMH before and don’t know why I’m going on and on, make an effort to see them on this tour. They’re a band that legitimately deserves every bit of hype they get.

Check out their full tour line up and rejoice because your city made the list (all cities made the list. Except mine. Whatever).

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