Zeppelin in the Top 10 again

I was checking out the Billboard 200 (I know, I know, let me be) and lo and behold, Led Zeppelin’s got three albums in the top 20, because apparently it’s 1978. So, awesome.

In Through the Out Door is at #9, Coda is at #12, and Presence is at #13. Mothership, a Zepp compilation album from 2007 or so is also in the top 200, but it’s always been in the top 200 because people love a good compilation album. Page knew what he was doing with these re-releases, and the fact that people still buy actual albums. I know. It blows my mind. But it happens.

(Confession: I maybe went out to buy I-IV on vinyl when they were re-released but then thought better of it and put it on my Festivus wish list instead.)

Also in Led Zeppelin news is this video of a Spanish synchronized swimming team and their gold-medal winning routine to “Stairway to Heaven.” I find synchronized swimming weirdly fascinating, because it’s the oddest effin’ sport ever, right? Like, how is this a thing? But I cannot.look.away at their legs just scissoring back and forth to Jimmy Page.

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