What’s going on with Radiohead lately?

A couple of days ago I was on Pitchfork and came across this article about Radiohead erasing their internet presence. I checked out their Twitter, Facebook, Google+, even their website, and indeed, Radiohead had gone blank — just a lot of white blank pages where their media had been. That, coupled with these weird flyers some UK fans had received, pretty much confirmed a new Radiohead album was coming soon.

If you’re a fan, you probably already know that there have been album rumors for a few months now. But Radiohead is the kind of band that doesn’t build a lot of hoopla before an album release; they just drop an album and the hoopla gets created for them. So I wasn’t all that surprised to find this little gem waiting for me in Spotify when I got to work this morning.

The song is…alright. The video is interesting (I prefer to think it was inspired by the 2006 Nicolas Cage classic “The Wicker Man”). Radiohead has always been a slower burner for me; I haven’t come to love a lot of their work until months or years after I first hear it, so the fact that I’m not bowled over by “Burn the witch” isn’t a shocker. But I am definitely ready for the release of A Moon Shaped Pool any day now. General consensus seems to be this Friday, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Also, a little bird told me Radiohead would be headlining the ACL Festival this year which at first I brushed off, but knowing now they’ll definitely have an album out and will be touring…yes, I can see it.

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